The history of this magnificent port commenced in the 60s when D. Enrique Bolín, mayor of Benalmádena, suggested to carry out an infrastructure that would allow Benalmádena to offer quality tourist attractions at the same time that it would impulse a history relationship of this municipality with the sea.

Initially the idea of building this port was surrounded with disbelief due to its innovative and magnificent idea although the municipal propulsion managed to conquer all the obstacles that were coming out and little by little, and without not few vicissitudes, one of the most attractive environments regarding sport, leisure and recreational of the Mediterranean coast was built.

Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena was born as an administrative authorization granted by the Ministry for Public Works and Urbanization to the Town of Benalmádena, by an agreement on behalf of the Council of Ministers for the construction and development of a home pleasure harbour in the beach Fuente de la Salud.

The works began on November, 12th 1972 and ended the same day of the opening, October, 9th 1972 after many phases of construction. The port has been managed from its beginning by Benalmádena Town Hall and in July 1996 in order to improve its management and by an agreement of its plenary session it became a municipal company.


The European Union through the ADEAC has awarded Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena the European Blue Flag for Clean Seas thanks to the quality of its services and of its waters. This international award has been granted every year since 1987.

Best marina in the world

Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena has been distinguished in two occasions (1995 and 1997) as “The best marina in the world”, award that is given by international specialized magazines.